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Welcome to SWH-Online Financial Management Group

Providing Payroll, Accounting and Tax services in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area.

Whether you're looking to outsource payroll for the first time, or are thinking about switching from another payroll provider, SWH Online helps make payroll for your small business effortless. We offer quick and easy solutions to your unique situation. We are able to help you walk through the process in order to make it as easy as possible.

Take care of your employees (and yourself) with additional benefits. Health care benefits and 401(k) retirement plans are within reach for small business. Whether you’re in growth mode or are a sole proprietor, SWH Online has options that fit your needs.

More Time For You. Less Time on Payroll and Taxes. Payroll is a necessity for any business – you have to pay your employees, make the right tax deductions and then get everything paid and filed on time. This is a big task for small business owners and isn’t how you should be spending your time. SWH Online can manage this part of your business allowing you to concentrate on what matters - Growing Your Business!

Serving clients throughout South Western Pennsylvania.

Taxes Paid & Filed

Calculate, file and pay Federal, State and Local

payroll taxes for you - with tax filing


Saves You Time

Easily access payroll anytime, anywhere.

lets you run and view payroll

on the go.

Award Winning Customer Service

Our award-winning Customer Care team makes small business payroll easy. We're here to take care of all your payroll needs.

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